Tai Chi is a great warm-up for everyone and sometimes the total activity treatment for people who can’t move very much due to pain. The fact that Tai Chi is a continuous flowing movement is a problem in rehab. Therapists cannot show the exercise while simultaneously analyzing the movement from different angles. Hence, a video is a must but finding the right video is a real problem. This video was built specifically for a rehab warm-up by Dr. Kim. It is compiled from her favorite easy Tai Chi exercises for patients.

In this video, Dr. Kim is doing the Tai Chi herself for patient use at a farming convent in Kilimanjaro, Africa. In her practice, she uses about 7 to 15 minutes of this video as a warm up with all her physical therapy patients instead of using the bicycle. When the patient comes to the treatment, he/she watches this video on an oversized computer screen right from this website.  There are no words so patients just follow along. Therapists can watch and give corrections from a distance, qualifying it as skilled treatment. Sometimes patients wear cordless earphones with calming music, if they want to experience a more meditative Tai Chi practice. The earphones need to be cordless because the cord gets in the way. Enjoy!


Dr. Kim is in Kilimanjaro, Africa warming up for walking. Some of the exercises may seem difficult but can be modified.  All exercises are specifically useful for ambulation strengthening and stabilization. Therapists may want to do these exercises at the end, beginning or throughout the patient program depending on need.  Dr. Kim displays this video for patients to watch and follow as she examines and cues their movements right from this website. There is no audio.

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