Book release November 2019:


Spin Real Gold, Utopian Healthcare

By Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, MPT, DPT, MPsych


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As presented at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Blended Medical Model Forum by Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider

October 2019:  the APTA’s Educational Leadership Conference for Up and Coming Medical Models


Co-Authors and Facility Flip Artists listed here…

Each person on this team has an area of expertise that contributes to the whole conversion. Alone each is a giant in their industry but together this facility conversion team is colossal.


Each team member has their own business and website which you can view by clicking on the url. Most team members also run a nonprofit business as well.


Team Members Available to Help Convert Your Facility

Group & Travel Facilitator:

Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Mindful Wellness Travel


Healing through Arts and Crafts:

Heather Lane

Whimsy World


Frequency Infused Sound

Kathleen & John Haden

Good Vibrations


Environmental Interior Design

Debra Duneier



Production Contributor

Debra K

Well World TV


Hospitality Expert

Stephanie Rest

Caribbean We, Wellness and Education & Spa Designer


Hospitality Expert

Hugh Jones

HUW Enterprises: Spa Design Education Training


Mindful Staff Training

Physical and Psychological Staff Practices

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, MPT, DPT, MPsych

Byrd Rider Utopian Healthcare: Medical-grade Mindful Techniques Trainer


Nutrition Ayurvedic Advisor

Well Coaching Skills for Staff

Susan O’Connor

Wellness Coach


Please contact any of us for additional information. We organize meetings with your administration to consult in converting your facility. We also offer hands-on personal services, too.