Zurich, Switzerland and Venice, Italy

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25 CEUs Available

Prerequisite: Phase I, Yoga Biomechanics for Healthcare Professionals (Available in Key West, Aspen, or Tahiti).

Because this is a personal growth opportunity, you must come alone or with other healthcare professionals.

Dates and costs will be posted when Doug Keller’s 2020 schedule is posted.


Because of my background, my work focuses on bio-mechanics but yoga is much more than an exercise. Honestly, it is not an exercise.  This retreat takes your practice to the next level, beyond bio-mechanics.

We will spend seven days in Switzerland participating in expert philosopher and yoga teacher, Doug Keller’s workshop (more about Doug at doyoga.com). The workshop is on yoga philosophy. Each evening at his workshop we will get together as a small group and discuss the learnings from the workshops and how they apply to healthcare. After the Doug Keller workshop, our small private healthcare group will depart together.

Then on to trains from Switzerland to Venice. We will most probably stop over at Lake Como, Italy on our way to Venice.

Once in Venice, we will apply previously read and learned philosophy, chakra practices and yoga nidra to our yoga practice. Meditations  will also be added to the yoga practices.

There will be plenty of time to sight-see and reflect.

Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, DPT – kim@byrdriderrehab.com

P.S.  If you want to get started reading, the required reading books will be…

  1. Horney, K. (1950). Neurosis and human growth. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company. Please contact Kim for worksheets to fill out for this book study. Read this book first to understand the others
  2. Myss, C. (2013). Anatomy of the spirit: The seven stages of power and healing. Harmony.
  3. Klein, Jean. (1995). Living Truth. Santa Barbara. Third Millennium Publications.
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