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Expeditions with Dr. Kim & Colleagues

To film the “Rendezvous with the Masters” and “Climb onto the Rock with Me…Daily” series on WellWorld.TV, we have to go to where the Masters live. We always take a group of interested students with us. Award-winning Express Travel Agency of Coral Gables Miami hosts our adventures, taking care of us for the duration of our expedition. They would happily add you to our roster! Pick one and come along…

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider


Utopian Medical-Grade Yoga & Medical-Grade Mindful Certifications

Not sure what to believe in yoga and mindful courses? Why not resolve the problems with scientific research? In Utopian Education, East (tradition) meets West (science) and together formulate powerful and safe solutions. Here you can find CEUs and Certifications for practicing students, personal trainers, yoga teachers and healthcare professionals. Medical-Grade, by definition, means that all the programs are created and delivered by a medical professional with an appropriate medical license to the material presented. Our medical professionals also have extensive backgrounds in the Eastern Mindful practice they teach. Your problems are solved. Click the icons to find out more.

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Flip your Facility: Make it Utopian Mindful

Utopian Healthcare provides your health facility with a team of the most prominent cutting-edge professionals in their field. From interior design, hospitality training and program developement to soundology and staff wellness. The Utopian mindful facility flipping team is completely The Utopian Flipping Team meets with your administrators to build a perfect plan of care for you and your community. Each professional team member is later available for private individual work at your facility if you need them. Facilities include hospitals, urgent care, all clinics including physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, senior centers, day care centers, rehab centers, offices, veternary clinics, fitness centers and studios.


Rx DVDs/Downloads

Unique, physical therapy developed DVDs or Downloads filmed in amazing Aspen, Colorado. Each specific diagnosis titled video accommodates multiple disease levels: NWB-FWB. Contra-indications are removed and rehab goals emphasized.


The Vibe Store

Dr. Kim’s books, Home Exercise Program handouts, Trip Equipment, Clinic Quick Guides for teachers/trainers/therapists, or any Utopian Healthcare products can all be purchased here. Check it out…
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Rendezvous with Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, Psych.

Guardian & Custodian of Utopian Healthcare

Non-Profit Business Management…..Harvard University, 2018-2018
Master of Psychology……………Harvard University, 2016-2020
Doctor of Physical Therapy………Boston University, 2011-2014
Master of Physical Therapy………University of Oklahoma, 2006-2009
Bachelor of Health Science………University of Oklahoma, 2003-2006

Dr. Kim has taught over 14,000 yoga classes nationwide since 1998

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Byrd Rider’s Secret Garden Sanctuary

Outpatient PT Clinic
This cutting-edge, brick and mortar physical therapy clinic in Key West, FL synthesizes traditional physical therapy with modern recovery mindfulness tools (yoga, tai chi, meditation, well coaching) to serve up a new kind of legendary healthcare. Click on the logo icon here to find out more and to book an appointment.

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Knowledge is power but conversion into application is transforming. Dr. Kim translates current psychology and biomechanics research knowledge into mindful practice rehab application. Details and reviews of event destinations can be found here, too.


I was THERE!

Knowledge is power but conversion into application is transforming. Dr. Kim translates current psychology and bio-mechanics research knowledge into mindful practice rehab application. Details and reviews of event destinations can be found here, too.

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