Utopian Healthcare infuses Personal & Community Transformation Skills into Allopathic Healthcare.

As an evolutionary healthcare step  for mankind, UTOPIAN HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE (U-Hi) teaches supplemental processes that up-level the mindsets of healthcare workers from standard healthcare practices to bio-psycho-social healthcare practices. U-Hi’s monumental purpose is to improve global health results for the patient and practitioner.

Consequently, positive bio-psycho-social mindsets and improved global health hold powerful solutions to personal peace of mind, planet care, and even world peace. I am here, among others, to fulfill the prophecy of the current Pope Francis, “This is  not an Era of Change, this is the Change of an Era.”   -Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider

What We Do

New York. San Diego. Key West. Aspen.

Founder & Steward of Utopian Healthcare

“I am a physical therapist and a psychologist. It is my privilege to have taught over 12,000 yoga classes before I acquired four science degrees in healthcare and then worked in hospitals. My soul focus now is to bring you scientific holistic healthcare.”

-Dr. Kim

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Watch Dr. Kim and her Colleagues online at WellWorld.Tv and on television at ROKU, Apple.TV and Fire.TV(Amazon)

Watch Dr. Kim’s shows on WellWorld.TV, a new and unique wellness television network online.

Holistic yoga comes together with medical physical therapy in Dr. Kim’s yoga videos called “Yoga Rx with Dr. Kim” for specific diagnoses. Hard Science and holistic philosophies converge in Dr. Kim’s educational interview show “Physics & the Jedi””


Utopian-Healthcare Institute (U-Hi)

Transformative Education

We weave together state-of-the-art  hard science research and cutting-edge holistic mindful theories in live and online college courses, certifications, and continuing education.

Healthcare workers have the power, the environment, and the reach to shift us all towards Nirvana, but first, they must learn the way, shift themselves, and forge forward on the path of self healing.

During our courses, healthcare workers learn how to re-organize towards healthy self actualization to transform themselves. Then, they can teach their patients how to transform during treatments using the tools we provide. Our coursework teaches ground-breaking treatment tools to be used in a new more-powerful “Utopian” healthcare system.

Join us. Learn the magic. Start healing.

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The Navigator at The Golden Door: Dr. Kim (The White Dragon Medic)

Dr. Kim relieves you of your decision-making burdens when you visit  Golden Door; voted the 2019 #1 spa in the WORLD, according to Conde  Nast and Travel & Leisure magazines.  Dr. Kim meets with you to  gather your personal interests, past history, and medical data. Then,  she constructs a specific mind, body, brain, and educational experience to foster your injury or illness recovery. Together, you  build a solid lifestyle cornerstone made from your goals, your medical needs, and Dr. Kim’s insider knowledge. Come visit Golden Door just north of San Diego and allow Dr. Kim to become your Navigator.


Flip your Facility: Make it Utopian Mindful

Utopian Healthcare provides your health facility with a team of the most prominent cutting-edge professionals in their field. From interior design, hospitality training and program development to soundology and staff wellness.  The Utopian Flipping Team meets with your administrators to build a perfect plan of care for you and your community.  Each professional team member is later available for private individual work at your facility if you need them. Facilities include hospitals, urgent care, all clinics including physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, senior centers, day care centers, rehab centers, offices, veterinary clinics, fitness centers and studios.


Rx Yoga DVDs/Downloads

Unique, physical therapy developed DVDs or Downloads filmed in amazing Aspen, Colorado. Each specific diagnosis titled video accommodates multiple disease levels: NWB-FWB. Contra-indications are removed and rehab goals emphasized.

What does Medical-Grade Yoga Mean?

Choice: aligned with physical therapy joint and soft tissue research. Each yoga exercise is “cherry-picked” from a variety of yoga styles for optimal soft tissue results and joint safety (Swatantra, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Restorative, Kripalu, Anusara, Bikram, & Ana Forrest Styles of Yoga).

Sequences: oriented to specific research-based strategies to improve soft tissue range of motion prior to strengthening in order to unite joint alignment with joint stability, diminishing joint and soft tissue deterioration. This reduces pain related to aging and injury processes.

Modifications: always staying within the normal range of the joint and beneficial weight loads while accommodating genetic or surgical joint and soft tissue restrictions.

Produced: administered by a licensed medical professional with a formal university education on the complexities of the human body’s anatomy, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, disease, and injury processes.


The Vibe Store

Dr. Kim’s books, Home Exercise Program handouts, Trip Equipment, Clinic Quick Guides for teachers/trainers/therapists, or any Utopian Healthcare products can all be purchased here. Check it out…
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Byrd Rider’s Secret Garden Sanctuary

This non-profit branch of Utopian Healthcare was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. It provides need-based support for individuals 55 and over and 18 and under to obtain health services and to participate in intergenerational (care) activities, together.  Intergenerational care fosters mental health through positive interactions and relationships between seniors and youths.

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Knowledge is power but conversion into application is transforming. Dr. Kim translates current psychology and biomechanics research knowledge into mindful practice rehab application. Details and reviews of event destinations can be found here, too.


Rendezvous with Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, Psych.

Guardian & Custodian of Utopian Healthcare

Non-Profit Business Management…..Harvard University, 2018-2018
Master of Psychology……………Harvard University, 2016-2020
Doctor of Physical Therapy………Boston University, 2011-2014
Master of Physical Therapy………University of Oklahoma, 2006-2009
Bachelor of Health Science………University of Oklahoma, 2003-2006

Dr. Kim has taught over 14,000 yoga classes nationwide since 1998

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I was THERE!

Knowledge is power but conversion into application is transforming. Dr. Kim translates current psychology and bio-mechanics research knowledge into mindful practice rehab application. Details and reviews of event destinations can be found here, too.